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The flirting starts as soon as the elevator doors close. When the elevator doors open, Sal ushers us into the fur room.It’s tastefully decorated, with marble floors and heavy wooden chairs and desks.On the north wall, built-in cabinetry in dark wood holds racks of fur coats in a rainbow of colors—red, purple, black, white, striped, spotted and brown.Two rolling racks stand against the walls, one holding fur blankets in brown and fuchsia, and the other yet more coats. Jerry is farther back in the workshop, bent over an ancient fur sewing machine working on a purse of American alligator and sable. this case of flipping out wasnt something new, i'd say it happens probably once a ******* day. she needs to stop being so sensitive, let us do what we want and ******* get a life of her own, and stop trying to ruin ours.It is a parents right to be setting boundaries for her children.Your mother seems like a decent person and as frustrating as she may be she is simply trying to shape you into the best possible person you can be in our society.

She was in a position of if I don't dye my little sisters hair, she will cry, make something up, and get me in trouble. She is also correct about it being her body and, in today's society, plenty of people dye their hair.We shove our hands in our coat pockets against the cold November wind while we wait. ” At six-foot-six he’s got sixteen inches on us, and at forty-two, more than a few years, too.Sal unlocks the door and escorts us to the elevator. But he’s handsome and, frankly, something of a charmer. its our bodies, we can do whatever we want with them. she turns this into a huge issue, not only about dying my sisters hair but how we dont repect her at all.i cant take this, but only 3 more years till i graduate and can move to california.

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but that does not give her an excuse for being a SUPER MEGA HUGE *****. my sisters died my hair before, so i figured i'd return the favor. she has no right to take my **** for a nice favor i was doing for my sister.