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Dating emotionally distant man

[Read: 10 sure signs the guy you’re dating has the fear of commitment] 5 clear giveaways of an emotionally unavailable man Fortunately, there are some early warning signs that you can pay attention to.By catching these signs early, you will be able to save yourself the heartache and drama that comes with dating an emotionally crippled man.Within the first several weeks of dating him, you should be able to garner indications of a shady history, particularly from details to do with his past relationships.Knowing why and how he was single when he met you may explain why he behaves the way he does.For example, there is nothing wrong when he says, “My article on the political and religious plight in Gaza was recently nominated for a reader’s choice award.Fingers crossed I win.” However, if he says something like, “I know that my article is kick ass and it is about time that I get recognition for my work.This is especially frustrating when you really like him and want to take the relationship to the next level.More often than not, emotionally unavailable men will be all up for fun and games but once you start steering the relationship towards becoming something more serious, they go running for the hills.

Always keep in mind that when a man measures his self worth based on how many compliments he gets from others, he is probably not mature and secure enough to be who is he and will not be able to give you the emotional stability that you desire.#3 Shady History There is no denying that emotionally unavailable men tend to have questionable pasts.The experiences that they have undergone may have unconsciously led them to behave the way that they do in the present.Unless you are fine with the relationship having an expiration date, keep in mind that you should not turn a blind eye toward these red flags.#1 Big Talker The first red flag that he is emotionally handicapped is when you start noticing that he is nothing but all talk. Do not mistake big talk with being proud of one’s achievements.

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Unfortunately, men with emotional problems are aplenty.

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