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Jan 27, 2004 Hi, My experience with Ringgag is much different than the rest of the posts.I was looking for a weekend in slavery following a week long conference for my business in Reno.I laced it up and it sure highlighted my latex hooded head. I was pretty proud of the fact I got them on with my corset in place.It was pretty thick rubber I could still look around but it had a way of keeping my head high and regal. I noticed lacing up the neck corset that the waist corset on had dramatically limited my ability to move. The butt plug allowed me to get the toy in, without it I doubt it would have been possible. I knew once these were on I would not be able to walk and the instructions said make sure you can bend fully at the knee with them on so it took over a half hour to get them just right. All of a sudden it hit me, did I set the maid lock out lever on the door, I dont want her coming in to fold down my bed.

Everything was the real deal, at least ¼ inch thick steel with really big master locks and no keys.

There is nothing easy about getting into a latex suit for the inexperienced like I was. A little more silicone and the catsuit was hugging my body. I grabbed the earplugs and pushed them all the way into the ear canal.

It was a very strange thing to do but seemed to be in role with the suit. Then per the instructions pressed a medium putty marble and pushed it on top of the ear plug and filled the entire ear and pushed it all flat and then repeated the process on the other ear.

More and more I have been sharing online videos and assorted kink. I said yes and she said shed have to collect all her thoughts of what shed like to try and go from there. Before long ringgag and I were exchanging emails to make her private dream come true.

What Kayla didnt know were the exact details of what she would be doing to herself, she did know she would be forced against her will to perform though. Inside was a lovely clear latex catsuit with built in feet and gloves. I slid one leg in at a time at which point I noticed the convenient crotch and open breasts.

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After ringing up a pretty good bill on my Visa everything was on order would be delivered to my suite on Friday night at the Peppermill Casino.