Helium dating

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To counter the conclusions of radiometric dating creationists have formed the RATE (Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth) Group.This team, supported by several creationist organizations, exists to disprove the validity of radiometric dating.RATE’s latest undertaking concerns some microscopic zircon crystals recovered from a well near Fenton Hill, NM.

Few areas of science have posed a greater challenge to Young-Earth Creationism than radiometric dating of rocks and minerals.

The uranium/lead age gives the time of initial formation, while the helium age tells when the crystal cooled to a temperature at which the helium was essentially all retained.

These techniques can also be applied to other minerals such as titanate and apatite.

The result is a line with a negative slope, which is typical of the Arrhenius Law behavior of a thermally activated process.

Note that at lower temperatures the line breaks into a shallower slope.

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To answer this question, I will make some predictions based on RATE’s data and conclusions and then compare them with field observations.

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