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The bill was later shelved after MPs failed to get to a vote in time.While soldiers can technically join the army at 16, current legislation prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from engaging in a hostile situation.Although Mr Corbyn tried to claim he had not been 'embarrassed' by his senior colleague. She was asked which were crucial recommendations and Ms Abbott could only tell him it was about 'preparedness and resilience'.

we would find the money because we would look at capital gains tax.'The Tories have cut capital gains tax and we want to restore it.'That would give us I think £170...

yet again Abbott doesn't know the facts,' a man added.

While another joked: 'She was never good with numbers!

Facebook users were quick to point out the gaffe, with one person writing: 'You can't fight at 16.

You can join the forces but definitely no fighting until your 18. Straight away wrong with a simple fact.' 'Sixteen-year-olds don't fight on the frontline...

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Speaking to ITV about rising crime figures in England and Wales, she attempted to explain Labour's plan for 10,000 extra officers.