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The Zap Cam - You Tube Tazer packs a non-lethal 60,000V bite, to be exact.It shoots its barbed tipped darts out up to 15 feet on insulated wires (so only your attacker gets the juice)."is a Anti-Virus Monitoring Module" "belonging to Anti-Virus Monitoring Module" "from Zone Labs, LLC" Check that is stable on your computer. Send feedback at pl[at]Uniblue[dot]com, to contribute to this dll information page.It is highly recommended to run a FREE performance scan to automatically optimize memory, CPU and Internet settings.And for added safety, the integrated camera (activated the moment you disengage the safety mechanism) will record a full color video of the entire incident and upload it (via Bluetooth 2.0 with your cellphone) straight to You Tube.This insures you have video evidence (with a time/date stamp) of your encounter stored in a secondary location which can be used in court. Yes, you get the safety of 60,000V, and yes, you get the peace of mind that you will have enough evidence to prove you acted in self defense (even if the attacker somehow manages to get the Zap Cam away from you).The Zepcam Video Server Software is the plug & play cloud solution of Zepcam to view and manage Zepcam Live cameras.The Zepcam Video Server Software is hosted and managed by Zepcam and makes remote viewing of live video feeds from colleagues in the field real easy and reliable.

Esta gostosa esta toda molhadinha de prazer socando um consolo em sua xota.

★★★★★ The Only Camera App That Act Ahead of Your Finger ★★★★★ One Tap Ahead is an innovative camera App that helps you capture precious moments of yours and always act ahead of your finger.

With One Tap Ahead, you will never miss the first steps of your child or even the first kisses of your cat and dog, mouse and bird.

But following the lead of Batman, a geek's best defense is often a gadget.

And in this case, it's a gadget with one heck of a bite.


Intruders will no longer be able to deny invading your privacy – perfect for foiling snoopy co-workers, subordinates, your kids, your roommate – anyone.