Zoo dating board showthread

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Zoo dating board showthread

People, especially girls, love it when they hear their name. It'll make her happy and creates more of a connection. My goals: tease her A LOT, never complain or criticize her or anything else, come across as if I'm judging her without being too harsh (same as above, you're the prize not her), show you're busy, have a lot of fun things going on, you're normal, don't tell her ANYTHING negative or ANY baggage (don't mention your gma that has cancer, you just broke up, you're lonely on the holidays etc). This makes her feel safer (now I sound creepy lol). the best advice from your post, was the part about if you dong know how something will come across... I live in a big city, and I think that really helps.Also helps you remember her name : P Texting game- After talking with a few girls you will notice what to say and what not to say. Don't be afraid to call her out ex- girl- omg it's so cold out. me- wow we haven't even met yet and you're already complaining about stuff? Once we are watching the movie I'll put my arm around her. I have tried to help some forum members here, but you summarize things much better than me.

What do you think happened on the date(s) that caused you to get rejected? Don't think too hard about trying to understand rejections. Girls live in the moment and react on their feelings. She's not rejecting you, she's rejecting your game. If you guys are going to starbucks and you're wearing a sweat suit, tell her you don't have a job, didn't go to college, live with your parents, no friends, etc. c Im 6 2, drive a relatively new benz, have a really nice apartment in the nicest part of my city, I have plenty of friends, I have a graduate degree from a top public school, and i dress super nice lol. all the guys my close chick friends date, normally do lots of things like sailing, fishing, ride motorcycles, **** like that. All those guys are much older than us though like mid to early 30's. I most work, workout, and go out to bars with friends. If you go into more detail about what you guys talked about and what you said I can give more of my advice.If you're unsure if something may come across as weird, dumb, unfunny, etc then DO NOT write it. Let's do xyz (something random/exciting)" First message: title - just don't say something generic but keep it short ex - "Interesting..."; "The wild..."; "Noticed..." body: Create a generic one you can spam to any girl. Don't have time nor the desire for that, plus she's the deceptive one.Go with neutral stuff or stuff you're really confident in. You will get tired as fck trying to come up with something new everytime I tried being funny and it was big HIT or total miss. My goal is to go with something that would appeal to the majority of girls where they would msg me back I also go very direct, otherwise it'll take longer b/c I'll have to think of a response (yes I have copy pastes for my first 4-5 messages) ex- "hey - thought your profile was interesting and I hope there's more to it..." (just made this up but you get the idea). Keep in mind I'm only sending these messages to the better looking girls. I'll also send it out to ones I'm not sure are real... It takes me 60 seconds of effort to send 5 copy/pastes, get her # and then text her for real pics. her reply: almost 90% is "lol thanks, there sure is! you seemed xyz based off abc..." then ask a question that's not yes/no Keep it short her: blah blah You'll eventually notice a pattern of their responses. My approach is to come from the position that I'M choosing her. Most of the time though, I've found the girl looks better in real life.After I feel it's right (rubbed enough) I'll just say "hey come here" and go for the make out If I want to maybe date them (or they just won't come back to mine lol): I'll meet them at this cool coffee/tee hangout spot that has a lot of people (starbucks is lame and feels generic) Then just run your normal game (keep it semi short 45-120 mins) Towards the end I'll be like well I gotta go but I was going to watch this movie I've been wanting to see, you're welcome to join. I think the best attitude to take is to have a good first contact and not care about whether they respond or not. This isn't real life where you can use your body language looks etc to smooth it over. the hardest part for me is just getting them to respond to my first online msg. Since June POF date wise, I went on one with a 4/10ish. She had just broken up with her fiance, so the only thing i can think of was that she wanted to plow and i just was too much of a nice guy during the date. And then i got ignored on my one text after that and i kinda gave up,but she was for sure just at home sitting by her cell as i saw her on POF lol... She was on POF literally 24/7 though, when she wasnt at work. I'm scared they will be crazy and mess with my real life. Like the 7/10 that nexted me recently, got really embarrassed when I told the bartender he gave me the wrong drink when he did?? I wish there was a way to actually prove I did hook up with these girls...

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The most heart pounding part is going for the actual kiss. misc tips: Use google voice to get pictures I'll say something like: "hey send me some pics so I feel safe. " Have about 5-10 good pics of yourself to text girls. If you stall or don't know what to text a girl then send her a youtube vid or a picture you took of something other than yourself. Some want you to talk to them all the time, some will run if you try that. Go on random dates that you wouldn't normally go on. But the truth is that it is nothing personal with online dating. Then, I improved the pictures, improved the written profile, and worked on my text game. Don't spend weeks getting to know her before you meet her in person. I live in a big city, and I think that really helps. My profile messages are exactly like I am in real life. and I live in a nice part of town in a pretty nice place so that gets them impressed/liking me by default. But i didnt call her again, because she wanted to actually date. And to just see what the best looking guy they can get. But i went for the kiss at the end of the date and got rejected. Ive had girls refuse to meet me, if i didnt add them on facebook first. Every girl that has said to me, has gone out or wanted to go out again however. So, maybe the highest quality girls pick up on that and just next me.